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Chisinau optics
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Chisinau optics

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Chisinau optics

Our firm is founded in 1992 for delivery of inexpensive - point frames to optical shops of Chisinau and Moscow.

Expanding a circle of contacts in the world of optics and ophthalmology, we began cooperation with the Moscow clinic "New view" which continues and today. And, thanks to infectious energy of her chief physician Mr. Kurenkov Vyacheslav Vladimirovich and his professional support, in 1994 we open the first office of contact correction of sight in policlinic of State office of RM. In the beginning doctors - kontaktologi from "New view" worked for us. Later our specialists ophthalmologists were trained and adopted experience in the field of a kontaktologiya. Today they are professionals, only in Moldova.

Gradually our client base began to grow and, considering wishes of clients, and also need of expansion of a field of activity for optics and ophthalmology, in 1998 the first Optik - Lyuks center (Optic - Lux) for August 31, 101 appears, and the office of contact correction of sight in the city of Balti opens.
For the first time we integrated professional diagnostics of sight with a kontaktologiya, optometry and optical salon. It is very pleasant to us when our clients remain happy with visit of our centers. It is not necessary to spend time for policlinics, searches of an office of contact correction of sight or optical salon.

Gradually we began to expand the range of - point optics, contact lenses and conditioning agents behind lenses. And in 2002 the second optiko - ophthalmologic center "The Optician — Luxury" on Shtefan chel Mare St. , 123 opens. All centers work at the diagnostic equipment of the last generation. In 2004 "Optik - Lyuks" on Dachiya Blvd. , 4. In 2008 - "Optik - Lyuks" on Mircha Blvd. persons Betryn, 13/1. Today "Optik - Lyuks" is an and health ophthalmologic center. Our centers are equipped with the modern laser and photoelectrotherapeutic equipment for treatment of eye diseases.

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